Our Mission & Vision

Who We Are

The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers (The Ohio Council) is a statewide trade and advocacy association representing over 165 private businesses providing community-based prevention, substance use, mental health, and family services throughout Ohio.  Our member organizations care for individuals and families across the lifespan by offering person-centered services and support.

What We Do

The Ohio Council provides five core sets of services to its members:

Policy and Legislative Advocacy: Pursuing policy, legislation, and practice updates that position behavioral health as essential health care and our members as valued professionals. 

Member Support and Technical Assistance: Helping member organizations navigate regulations, develop best practices, and understand and prepare for change. 

Training and Educational Opportunities: Offering training and professional development opportunities to help members develop best business and clinical practices.

Community Relations and Public Outreach: Spreading the word about members' life-saving work and shaping perceptions about the critical importance of brain health, recovery, and mental wellbeing. 

Product and Service Development: Identifying cost-saving opportunities for member organizations so they can focus on what matters most - the health and wellness of their patients. 

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: The Ohio Council is committed to improving the health of Ohio’s communities and the well-being of Ohio’s families by promoting effective, efficient, and sufficient behavioral health and family services through member excellence and family advocacy.  

Our Mission: The Ohio Council strives to strengthen Ohio’s families and communities by helping members position themselves to be providers and advocates for high quality and efficient behavioral health and family services.

Our Values 

  • All residents of Ohio should have access to health care which includes appropriate, affordable, high quality and outcome-based behavioral health services and other high quality services that meet their basic needs.
  • Appropriate and effective managed care and medications management should strike a balance between access, quality and cost.
  • Members share in the responsibility to effectively serve the most disabled and vulnerable children and adults who require behavioral health and family services.
  • Members share in the responsibility to strengthen family life in Ohio by advocating for families and for policies and services (including those that address basic needs, promote prevention and early intervention, and foster family stability and self-sufficiency) that support and strengthen families throughout the life stages of families.
  • Responsive and effective service provision is enhanced through the involvement of consumers and their families and a sensitivity to cultural diversity.
  • Members have an obligation to advocate on behalf of public need for behavioral health and family services and to ensure that responsiveness to client need, effective outcomes, and customer satisfaction are priorities.
  • Members should be committed to developing and improving core clinical, administrative and fiscal competencies, and to continuous quality improvement as learning organizations.

Our Goals

  • Advocate for public policy that focuses on system changes that add value to services for Ohioans in need.
  • Advocate for legislation and public policy that strengthen family life.
  • Advocate for adequate resources and flexibility across all revenue sources to ensure efficient and locally responsive behavioral health and family services.
  • Promote the development of fair exchange public-private partnerships that bring the best skills, expertise and knowledge together to enhance the delivery of high quality behavioral health and family services.
  • Provide training and skill building opportunities that enable members to effectively compete in rapidly changing health care and social service environments and be part of the solution to improving Ohio’s health care system and strengthening Ohio’s families and communities.