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Ray Dalessandro

Ohio Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

Etactics is an Ohio based Clearinghouse located in Hudson Ohio and prepared to support our clients with all of the current and upcoming changes to Ohio Medicaid Behavioral Health Next Generation Administrative changes. We have over 85 Ohio BH clients utilizing our services across a variety of EHR/PM systems. 


If you are concerned about your future flexibility based on these upcoming changes or just want a responsive Clearinghouse partner, you should consider Etactics as a workable option for your claims management and submissions in 2022. Etactics can help by providing the following services at very competitive rates and special discounts for Ohio Council members: 


  • Electronic claims submission and testing to Ohio Medicaid OMES and all approved Managed Care Entities (MCE), commercial/gov payers
  • Claims Management and Clearinghouse services with standard CCI, LCD, NCD and custom payer edits to insure a high first pass clean claim rate.
  • Claim Correction Portal to fix rejected claims from both Payers or the Clearinghouse. Insurance verification and Denial Management options also.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly support staff based here in Ohio.
  • Ability to work with all established BH EHR systems for a seamless submission of claims, insurance verification and remit management