Youth Case Manager-School Navigator

TCN Behavioral Health Services, Inc. - Bellefontaine, OH

TCN Behavioral Health Services, Inc., a Non-Profit Organization, is committed to providing accessible, affordable mental health and substance use treatment to youth and adults through clinical excellence in the greater Dayton, Ohio area. 

Our staff is committed to continuous quality improvement and building a strong community of healthy and productive individuals. TCN endeavors to recruit and retain a diverse, dedicated and highly trained staff who are caring, culturally sensitive, ethical and who can collaborate with other staff in the provision of services. 

We are currently seeking a qualified Youth Case Manager - School Navigator to support our clients in our Bellefontaine, Ohio location. This position will help foster cohesive and collaborative relationships with school staff and families that will allow for unified intervention and communication for the overall improvement of the student’s educational experience. 


  • Provide ongoing consultation and support to school staff regarding programming, intervention, or the behavioral concerns of students.
  • Complete MH/SUD screenings to allow for identification of Level of Care need.
  • May provide brief intervention to a child (2-3 contacts) without becoming enrolled in TCN as a client. If ongoing treatment is recommended the Youth Case Manager-School Navigator will assist the family in accessing an assessment to engage in treatment with TCN.
  • Facilitate education/prevention groups if there are a number of youth that are struggling with similar issues. This would be developed in coordination with the school staff and permission of the parents.
  • May attend school staffing, student team meetings, teacher in-service as necessary or warranted helpful for the purpose of collaborative communication.
  • Works closely with a school team of professionals that consists of mental health counselors, school guidance counselors and teachers to foster a nurturing atmosphere for student learning.
  • Linkage to community resources for needs that have been identified.
  • Support the youth and family in implementing interventions they may have learned in counseling. 



Minimum of an Associate’s degree in a human services related field; Bachelor’s degree preferred. 


Minimum of 1 year experience working with youth 


LSW preferred, but not required. 


CPR; First Aid; De-escalation. 

Send resume to: 

TCN Behavioral Health Services
118 Maple Street
Bellefontaine, OH 43311