Webinar: Nonprofit Hiring and Onboarding Strategies

Nonprofit Hiring & Onboarding Strategies in an Increasingly Digital World
Two Live Webinar Dates Available

As we begin to settle into our post-pandemic reality, it's important for nonprofit employers to re-evaluate their hiring and onboarding strategies to ensure they are just as effective in a remote setting. The process may seem daunting but how you nurture the new hire relationship is critical to the success of both the organization and the employee.

This webinar discusses innovative strategies for interviewing and hiring best-fit job candidates, while showcasing your brand and culture. You'll also learn: 

  • Strategies for shaping hiring processes that attract the right candidates
  • Tactics for illustrating a positive employer brand and workplace culture
  • Ideas to maintain an effective interview process with in-person limitations                                    


As nonprofits and their employees continue to navigate the evolving workforce landscape, UST remains committed to providing reliable and timely content that strengthens the sector and the communities they serve.


The UST Team