President and Chief Executive Officer

OhioGuidestone – Berea, OH

Headquartered in Northeast Ohio, with offices throughout the state, OhioGuidestone is one of the largest behavioral health agencies in Ohio and has been helping individuals reset their paths, reclaim their autonomy and restore their purpose for more than 155 years. At the end of fiscal year 2013, OhioGuidestone’s revenue was $41.3 million. Since then, revenue has more than doubled, so it has an approved budget of $98 million for fiscal year 2022. Such proliferation reflects organic growth, geographic expansion, several acquisitions, innovation, and unflinching commitment to quality in programming. 

OhioGuidestone serves more than 28,000 individuals at service locations throughout the state by providing community counseling, substance use disorder treatment, workforce development training, early childhood mental health services, psychiatric care and other human and educational services. Its dedicated staff serves individuals of all ages with the care, support and resources to rise above the challenges of mental illness, addiction and stigma, setting them on the path to recovery and lifelong success. 

OhioGuidestone seeks a candidate who is a proven and effective leader and is passionate about improving the quality of life for individuals, children and families. This entrepreneurial individual demonstrates leadership characterized by a visionary outlook; has the ability to garner broad internal and external support and consensus; knows how to increase the visibility and philanthropic resources for the organization; can point to success creating strong, effective and collaborative teams; has sound business, financial and management acumen; and the fortitude to carry forward major new projects and initiatives. 

The candidate can articulate a compelling vision and keep people focused during challenging times as well as to invite new partners into the mission. This person relishes and has proven success in elevating awareness of their organization. They must possess the highest level of oral, written and interpersonal communication skills to effectively work with a broad range of individuals and organizations including board members, donors, professional colleagues, public officials and community partners, as well as the media. Also key to this role is a track record of supporting and enhancing the philanthropic efforts of their organization. 

This leader has experience in effective organizational leadership and the ability to build and nurture a culture that is grounded in a shared vision, vibrant in teamwork, supported by mutual respect and unrelenting in its pursuit of quality. Experience driving effective succession planning at all levels of an organization is key. This individual has demonstrated success driving initiatives to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. 

This person possesses strong management acumen utilizing sound business principles and understands enterprise management of similarly sized, large organizations and is knowledgeable about current and possible future policies, practices and trends affecting the organization. Given the diversity of revenue streams at the organization, the candidate has a proven track record of successful financial management as well as driving growth through the negotiation of large, complex agreements. With a strong focus on strategic planning as well as emotional intelligence, this person has demonstrated leadership developing a compelling and inspired vision and mobilizing the organization in its achievement. Experience nurturing a culture of collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement among staff in a complex enterprise is critical. A proven track record of successful strategies to identify, recruit and retain talent is essential. The ability to lead employees in multiple locations as an effective team of closely coordinated, highly professional, accountable staff members is a must. 

Clinical knowledge or experience in mental or behavioral health is preferable, though not a requirement. The candidate exhibits an understanding of the local and national healthcare environment and provides thought leadership as to how OhioGuidestone can capitalize on the ongoing changes for the benefit of both the organization’s financial success and the healthcare needs of its clients. This leader embodies a sense of calling to the mission, as well as servant leadership and high regard for the denominational legacy of OhioGuidestone. As a good listener, they will lead through influence, collaboration and innovation, and always adhere to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs in decision-making. This person has strength of character, is composed and unflappable, and is open and accessible to a highly professional senior leadership team and others as determined by the Board of Directors. A bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited college or university is required; an advanced degree in management, public health or clinical sciences is desirable. The candidate must have a minimum of five to ten years of senior managerial experience leading a large, complex organization. Knowledge of and experience dealing with professional and governmental regulatory, accrediting and licensing agencies is preferred. Affiliation with and leadership in local, state or national professional associations and continuing education and professional development is a plus. OhioGuidestone is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity, and believes in a workplace that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of their employees. They strive to nurture a culture where inclusiveness is expected, not an option. These inclusive principles guide how they build teams, cultivate leaders and create an organization that nurtures every person inside of it. Inclusion and Diversity fuels the organization’s goal to be the lead human services provider and connects them closer to their clients and the communities they serve. 

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