Ohio Recovery Housing Institute Series

The Institute is series of intensive training sessions designed to assist recovery housing operators in developing deeper knowledge of the NARR Standards and the OhioMHAS quality housing criteria. Participants will have one homework assignment per month to complete. Once all assignments are completed, the participant will have a completed packed of policies and procedures that contain all required elements described in the National Alliance of Recovery Residences Quality Standards. This series is open to anyone who wishes to attend. To receive a link to join each session, you must register for every session individually. 

Topics, Dates and times can be found at Recovery Housing Institute | ORH (ohiorecoveryhousing.org).  Dates are subject to change with appropriate notification to all registered participants. 

CEUs will not be offered for this training series. 

Training Series Topics:

  • Session 1.0: The Social Model of Recovery Across the Levels of Support
  • Session 1.5: Implementing the Social Model of Recovery in Policies: House Codes of Conduct, Resident Rights and Role of Staff in Recovery Housing
  • Session 2.0: Forming and Documenting Recovery Plans
  • Session 2.5: Tools for Supporting Recovery Planning in Recovery Housing: Appropriate Resident Applications and Screening Processes and Screening for Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use
  • Session 3.0 – Ensuring Resident Empowerment and Leadership in Recovery Housing
  • Session 3.5 – Respecting Resident Privacy in Recovery Housing: Effective Resident Confidentiality Policies and Communicable Disease Policies.  Preparing for Onsite Reviews
  • Session 4.0 – Legal Considerations
  • Session 4.5: Best Practices for respecting resident rights: Resident Agreements and Paid Work Agreements Policies
  • Session 5.0 – Handling Concerns from Neighbors and Residents
  • Session 5.5 – Preventing and addressing potential NIMBY issues in Recovery Housing: Appropriate Resident Grievance Processes and Policies for Addressing Neighbor Concerns
  • Session 6.0: Preventing and Addressing Relapse