Chief Medical Officer

The Nord Center - Lorain, OH

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO), under administrative direction provided by the CEO: directly oversees the provision of medical, emergency, and residential services for the Agency.  

Responsibilities include 

  • Responsible for all medical, emergency, and residential aspects of service delivery.  
  • Has final decision-making regarding individual client care issues.  
  • Supervises and delegates to the Directors of client services the authority to deliver services in a timely fashion appropriate to each client's condition and in a manner acceptable to the client.  
  • Provides supervision and administrative direction to the medical staff for all elements of inpatient and outpatient services.  
  • Reviews and proposes medical, emergency, and residential policies and procedures.  
  • Requires the ability to provide leadership and consultation skills to both medical and non-medical professions, community consultation skills, and training skills.  
  • Works collaboratively with other Nord executive leaders to ensure services are delivered according to the Agency's strategic planning and Board directives.  
  • Supervises the utilization of beds at state hospital facilities.  
  • Consults with the Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery Services (MHARS) Board and when required, will consult with other county officials regarding client rights and probate court issues.  

In addition to above responsibilities, the CMO 

  • Provides supervision and administrative directives to the Director of Nursing and the Director of Pharmacy.  

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS Departmental/Administrative Duties 

  • Collaborates with Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) and Chief Quality Officer (CQO) in the supervision and coordination all inpatient and outpatient medical, emergency residential services, information services, and support services consistent with the organization's values, mission and regulatory requirements.  
  • Develops, implements and reviews policies and procedures relating to medical, emergency, and residential service delivery issues for the Agency in keeping with best practices.  
  • Has the ability to delegate to, and maintain accountability from service department directors under their supervision. Delegation may include budget preparation, report writing, hiring staff, disciplinary actions, quality and regulatory compliance activities.  
  • Collaborates with Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Quality Officer for quality and compliance for all medical, emergency, and residential services through the development, implementation and monitoring of systems and procedures that assure that all these services meet applicable standards (contractual, professional, accreditation'setc) as defined by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and other regulatory and professional associations represented on the multidisciplinary staff.  
  • Collaborates throughout the development, implementation and monitoring of systems and procedures that assure that all medical and non-medical services are appropriately integrated and monitored in keeping with best practices and in meeting all applicable standards.  
  • Provides medical and clinical consultation to direct service Program Directors and others regarding the delivery and design of individual client services.  
  • Possesses final authority for conflict resolution pertaining to individual client care. 
  • Works cooperatively with other executive leaders and CEO designated individuals in designing, developing and implementing new services/programs to meet community psychiatric and mental health needs.  
  • Serves as liaison and coordinator of direct collaborative efforts with other local, county and state medical societies, physicians and medical organizations for the purpose of enhancing psychiatric programming and the service delivery model. 

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